**Note: This review contains mild spoilers for The Tale of Doris and the Dragon Episode 1. ** The Tale of Doris and the Dragon Episode 2 continues Doris’ adventure through Limbo in hopes to find Albert. Unfortunately for Doris, it seems dark forces remain at play to stop her reaching her dearly departed husband so… Read more Review | The Tale of Doris and the Dragon – Episode 2

For those who don’t know, Rooster Teeth is an american production company founded in 2003 and launched with a web series named Red vs. Blue – a parady of first person shooter games such as Halo, focusing on the lives of two teams of soldiers supposedly at war. Since the inital success of Red vs.… Read more Review | Rooster Teeth Double Gold Subscription RT Box

This past weekend, with Pokémon GO Fest due to kick off across the pond in Chicago, a small UK town decided to do its own thing to celebrate. Being nicely positioned in the midlands, where it only takes a few hours to get to basically anywhere else in the country, a group of us decided… Read more People still play that?!

This forthcoming point-and-click adventure game promises to tell the tale of Harry who has lost his love and embarks on a quest to find her, uncovering sinister secrets unique locations and helpful characters on the way. Unfortunately not much of this is apparent in the demo yet. You start with very little knowledge. You know… Read more Review | Apocalipsis – Harry at the End of the World (Demo)

I’ve always danced, right from when I was tiny. Whether it was organised lessons (ballet, tap, modern and jazz, I’ll have you know), tearing up the Union ballroom on a Friday night or just twatting about in my room with the stereo on, it’s always something I’ve felt compelled to do. I would spend hours… Read more Just dancing to the beat in my head (or, why I will never be a runner)

Syberia 3 is the long-awaited third instalment in the story of Kate Walker, a lawyer-turned-adventurer with a steadfast moral compass and a knack for getting involved in dangerous situations.  This time, Kate must help the Youkol people overcome their enemies in order to fulfil an important tradition against all odds; and, by doing so, repay… Read more Review | Syberia 3

Herald is a point-and-click visual novel set in an alternative 19th century timeline, alternative 19th century timeline in which the monarchy has been overthrown and the ruling power are called the protectorate. Your job is to deal with the day-to-day conflicts aboard a merchant vessel – the HLV Herald – to ultimately discover your own… Read more Review | Herald: An Interactive Period Drama – Book I & II

Beyond Eyes is an exploratory adventure game centred around Rae, a small girl who, through a firework-related accident is now blind and has become increasingly withdrawn from the world around her, cutting out her old friends and retreating to the safety of her garden. One day Rae is visited by a cat named Nani and… Read more Review | Beyond Eyes