During this 3D Action-RPG you play as Parin, a small but mighty girl who has just moved in with her Grandfather in a town with no other children and not a fat deal to do. Fortunately for Parin as you begin to explore the town further, you uncover a secret entrance to an alternate world,… Read more Review | Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure

Hidden Folks is a black and white, hand-illustrated, animated Where’s Wally-style experience with more charm than a charming thing on charm pills! In this simplistic and casual game there are no points to be won, and no time-limits to beat, just use the excellently funny clues to find a variety of characters and objects in… Read more Review | Hidden Folks

Meet Bjorn Thonen, a slightly less-than-average Parisian antique shop owner with a crush on his neighbour and a penchant for eating things off the floor. After coming home drunk and falling asleep one night, Bjorn gets a rather large bump on the head and a phone call that will change his life forever. Waking up,… Read more Review | Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is a 3D adventure platformer. You play as Ginger, a being created by a goddess-inhabited stone idol and raised by guardians in the forest. Until now, the goddess has kept peace throughout the world using a network of crystals. However, a mysterious evil has used a jewel to render the goddess… Read more Review | Ginger: Beyond the Crystal

The Tale of Doris and the Dragon is a charming tale of the recently deceased Doris and her journey through Limbo in search of her husband, Albert. However, the path to reunification does not run smooth; luckily Norb, an administration assistant, and also a dragon, is on hand to help out. As you progress towards… Read more Review | The Tale of Doris and the Dragon – Episode 1

Detective Hayseed – Hollywood is a point-and-click adventure game by czech developers Zima Software and published by Mamor Games. The list of this year’s Oscar winners has been stolen, and, for some reason, President Obama himself wants you on the case, despite an apparent lack of qualifications, experience or even basic morals. You must puzzle your… Read more Review | Detective Hayseed – Hollywood

Everything is black. A voice speaks to you, gradually a woman appears and the world starts to come into focus. You’re in a hospital bed, no idea who or where you are, and no recollection of how you got there. Currently you know three things: The woman is an AI, you’re running out of oxygen, and you… Read more Review | The Mind’s Eclipse

Anyone who knows me well, or at all, or has read my bio at the bottom of this page, knows that I love a good point-and-click adventure game. There was a time when these were thin on the ground, but there seems to have been a recent resurgence in the genre, and that’s definitely OK… Read more Review | Kelvin and the Infamous Machine

Meet Sam, a rich brat who has never done and honest day’s work in his life, and is about to be broken up with by his long-suffering girlfriend for forgetting her birthday for the third time and will continue on to have the worst day of his life. After being broken up with via a… Read more Review | Manual Samuel